Monday: Fjord


The first company we visited was Fjord design studio in the heart of San Francisco. Fjord is a premier design and innovation consultancy company with a mission to improve the lives of people. We met with Steve Boswell, a very passionate and eccentric group director for Fjord. Steve familiarized us with Fjord’s consultancy process, in which a project begins at ideation and concludes at production. Having freedom along this continuum is key to Fjord’s success, as the ideation phase generates many ideas due to their untraditional approach. Fjord hires creative thinkers implements an ad hoc structure in their project teams, therefore ideas can be generated and tweaked by any team member.

The guiding ethos for Fjord is their customer-centric way of thinking. Every design element implemented is created with the customer in mind. Fjord achieves this primarily through co-creation, in which they constantly relay ideas to the client to ensure their needs are met. In his closing message, Steve stressed the importance of constant innovation to address society’s problems. Fjord’s driving belief in simplistic design is not only changing San Francisco, but also improving the world around us.

By: Joe Challis ‘

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