Monday: Pixar

IMG_0296By Julian Hitzer

Monday, our first day, we visited the Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. Andy Sakhrani and Laura Holshouser showed us around and gave us insights how Pixar makes its legendary movies.

We came on a happy day! Entering the Steve Jobs Building we could see the Oscars exhibited of which Pixar won another one just the day before. We could not really tell if they were fake, but if so, that’s the only thing that’s mocked at Pixar. In every part of the building and every single digital drawing or clay model they exhibit you can downright see their true passion and dedication to create perfect movies.

All they do is well thought through and conceptualized in detail before they start with the animation. It was astonishing to see the amount of work they put into a single
movie – a project which typically lasts several years.

High secrecy regulations prevented us from seeing more of their cutting-edge animation technology. However, walking through the animation offices, we were able to see another manifestation of their creativity: customized offices transformed into jungle temples, airplane wrecks or pubs. In the end we were pleased that the tour measured up to our high expectations on that legendary company.

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