Monday: Oakland Impact Hub


By Zane Homsi

Today we visited a number of companies, one of which being Impact Hub Oakland. Situated in the heart of Oakland and surrounded by murals, this converted car dealership was oozing change from the minute you walked in. We were greeted by Lauren, a recent Tufts graduate, who sat is down in one of their conference rooms. Impact Hub Oakland is a for-profit, co-working space that enables socially focused companies to get off the ground and ‘change the world.’ Founded by three women, two of which women of color, the Hub’s stated focus is to demonstrate that anyone and everyone can and should work to build up their local economy and work to expand what they consider their community. Ashara Ekundayo the Hub’s chief creative director gave a final call to action stating that what opportunities might seem inaccessible are more within reach then we realize.

The west coast innovation community has built up a reputation of being ultra-attractive, lucrative and crawling business owners, make millions in the process; getting to see a different perspective of innovation gave us a much more holistic interpretation of the community – I’m so glad this was on our first day.

Until next time, Oakland!

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