Tuesday: LinkedIn


By Lan Jiang ’19

Today, we had a great time visiting LinkedIn, hosted by a McIntire alum Arin Mitchell. She first gave us an overview of the culture, values, and business model of LinkedIn. Then, we had a panel with four UVa alumni to hear their experiences navigating career paths in the Bay Area and insights at the forefront of technology.

Though LinkedIn is well-known for its business-oriented networking service, it has a very cool culture of “dream big; get things done; have fun” and it values the opinions of its members. People here are really passionate about providing economic opportunities for every talented individual out there because oftentimes people don’t have equal access to job opportunities. In order to achieve this mission, LinkedIn also put efforts into making sure that their searching algorithms are not biased. Meanwhile, it is bringing LinkedIn learning solutions­ (Lynda.com) to different regions of the world, expanding the platform for people to learn new skills, and driving the growth of the business.

During the panel, we learned three key things: location matters, cultural fit matters, and connection matters. Even though our alumni started their career at different places and different industries, they are able to feel happy working in a right city through right connections. They are passionate about building social impact driven by LinkedIn’s mission and technology capabilities.

Last but not least, the view on the 18th floor is awesome!

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