Wednesday: Intuit


By: Nojan Sheybani

You can’t spell intuitive without Intuit. On Wednesday we visited Intuit, which has the sole focus of making finances intuitive for their consumers. Intuit is a software company that focuses on making tools to help people with taxes, budgeting, and many other financial aspects of their lives.

We had a question and answer session with a panel of project managers, recruiters, and other employees.  Intuit refers to itself as an “8000 person startup”, which plays a huge part in the culture of the company and its employees. Ever since 1983, the year that Scott Cook started the company with Quicken, the goal of the company has been to put the consumer first.  One thing that really stood out to me whilst talking to the panel was the freedom that the employees have. Micah Canal, a senior program manager, described that anytime he had an idea, he was given the resources to experiment it and see how it works, which has been something that we have not seen in most of the companies we’ve visited thus far.

One of the core values of Intuit was “Be Passionate”, and after speaking with the panel and seeing the employees on our tour of the campus, we could all see how passionate everyone at Intuit is about the mission of the company. It was a pleasure to see such a value and consumer driven company.



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