Thursday: PwC


By Grant Tobben

Thursday morning started bright and early at PricewaterhouseCoopers, a company that is no longer your parents accounting firm. We were hosted by Jasmin Young, the Director of Business Model Transformation. PwC has moved into consulting and delivering value to companies in ways beyond just dealing with taxes.

Several PwC employees talked about innovation happening in their departments. We learned from Kim about how AI and big data are being applied to fraud investigations. Rajit enlightened us about the use of RPA or Robot Process Automation. Many menial tasks performed by humans on computers can be done much more quickly by bots. Rajit showed us footage of a bot performing a task that would take a human seven days but a bot only thirty minutes. The bot was made in only a few weeks, as a part of Rajit’s department’s push to fail fast and complete projects on two to three-week cycles. Glen showed us an award winning artificial intelligence technology that allowed for easy ledger checking.

Overall, PwC was an exposure to the ways bots and AI are transforming the way an office runs and saving humans from performing repetitive tasks.

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