Wednesday: Facebook


By Rohan Raval ’20

We got to Facebook around noon and met with Adam Parsell and Blake Rex, both McIntire grads who work on data analytics in their current roles at Facebook. We toured the “classic campus” which was the original workplace, and it was a really huge space with plenty of outdoor areas, very much resembling a college campus. Some really interesting points were brought up in our discussion at the conference room with Blake and Adam. We talked about some of the new challenges facing Facebook and how the organization is committed to using data-driven decision making to attack these problems, such as fake news and news feed algorithm. I

loved learning about Adam’s job, which involved supervised machine learning on the massive scale of data that Facebook collected. Afterwards, we had an amazing lunch at the Epic cafe (picture below) and got to chat with some engineering alum who came out to meet us, which was my favorite part. All in all, I was left with the impression that while Facebook has grown to be a giant corporation, its core startup values of “move fast and break things” still pervades the campus and the conversation.

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