Friday: Breakout Ventures


By Victor Layne ’20

Innovation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and disruption is common language in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. From small startups to large enterprises, integration of these new technologies is expected at all levels. But how many of these organizations are truly innovating, disrupting, and pushing boundaries? How can these companies consistently rise above the crowd to find the resources they need? For Julia Moore of Breakout Ventures – an investing arm of Peter Thiel – it is her job.

As a venture capitalist, consistently identifying companies that genuinely disrupt industries is vital to generating positive returns. Combining market research with a network of seasoned investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, Moore lives inside these ephemeral opportunities. In her own words, she says that it takes innovation in both the business model and technology of a company to become a potentially dominant leader in any given industry. Cutting through the noise of all tech companies, Moore selects only a handful of teams to bring to the next level –  carefully identifying real traction and real potential. Amidst the “common language of our time”, knowing what is buzz and what is not makes all the difference.

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