Thursday: Stanford


Chuck Hall ‘19

Our group was fortunate enough to travel to a beautiful campus at Stanford Graduate School of Business only to be hosted by three McIntire ’12 graduates. Evan Cantor, Meg Raymond, and Mannie Ajayi are all finishing up their second year at GSB and shared plenty of their insights about a range of topics including previous investment banking and consulting internships, the vast Stanford resources, and the value of building what they called management “soft” skills.

These driven and successful alumni spoke very highly of their experience at McIntire, and their deep appreciation for their time as a Hoo. Most notably, they all echoed the notion that the McIntire curriculum set themselves up for success in their first internships, but also for their pursuits of an MBA from Stanford. Impressively, Mannie mentioned he was advised by various mentors at Morgan Stanley to only accept a program that would be considered the best of the best, or else the coursework might simply be too repetitive with that of McIntire’s.

All in all, this thought provoking meeting left us with a key takeaway that whether or not we pursue an MBA program, investment in self-reflection and exploration is vital to the pursuit of a fulfilling career.

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