Friday: Strava


By Russell Rudd ’20

Although our program has come to an end, we were extremely fortunate to close out with such an exciting company as Strava.  Upon walking in, we were greeted by James Quarles, a ’97 graduate of the Engineering School at UVa and the CEO of Strava!  Our experience at Strava was slightly different from previous stops, as James used his recently developed pitch deck to describe his company.  It was particularly interesting since we had just spoke with Breakout Ventures – we learned more about the investor and investee perspectives.

Strava is an unfiltered platform for all athletes.  Using the app, users are able to share data on the progress they’ve made within their respective sports, whether that is running, cycling, or swimming.  Some of the students, including myself, were curious as to what differentiates Strava from other apps by Nike or Under Armor, for instance.  Going in, we viewed Strava as simply another running tracker.  However, we left with a completely different perspective.  Unlike its competitors, Strava is purely focused on its social network of athletes.

Congratulations Strava, you just recruited 14 new users!

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