Monday – Fjord

IMG_3757 copyWe started our journey in San Francisco in Fjord, a design and innovation consultancy who puts people first and launches experiences that redefine industries. We had a Q&A session with Steven Boswell, who has been in Fjord for 3 years as a managing director.

First, Steven talked about how he navigated himself towards this job after getting degrees in international relations and political science, which helped him gain a broad understanding of the world. He worked for several companies in different continents before he started the job at Fjord. Meanwhile, Steven mentioned that “creating chaos” is the way leading to the best idea. Then, he walked us through a project and presented the process of managing “chaos”. In order to achieve that, Fjord is looking for candidates with unconventional stories, “the story that is not on your resume”.

During the panel, Steven also described the interaction endoscopic robotics, which will help fight cancer and promisingly increase 70% early cancer detection rate. As a company that puts people first, Fjord always considers products in the legal and societal framework. Their ethical considerations for all their projects and designs help them make more impact on the world.

By: Daisy Xu

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