Monday – Snappr

Our next stop on Monday morning is Snappr, a start-up with the primary business of on-demand professional photography booking service—customers are able to book a professional photographer with a lower price on various occasions. First established in Australia, Snappr entered the U.S. market in December 2016 with $2 million seed fund from Y Combinator.

We met with Rafat Khan, a 2015 McIntire alum who joined Snappr as an operation associate after two years of experience in Sales and Trading at Morgan Stanley. He talked about the three objectives for Snappr right now, which are increasing the rebooking rate, lowering the acquisition cost and growing GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume). Then, he mentioned several solutions Snappr are employing to improve their performance, like increasing rebooking rate by providing a phenomenal first experience for customers. During the panel, Rafat also emphasized the importance of different skillsets we can acquire at UVA, including the financial knowledge that improves the operational aspect of his job, and the programming skills that help himself understand the big data.
In the future, Snappr will watch the development of videography and adapt it to their business line at some point. Positioning itself as an AI analysis company ultimately, Snappr is on the track to change this brand new industry.

By: Daisy Xu

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