Tuesday – Huckberry

On Tuesday, we visited an independent online retailer and magazine company called Huckberry. Its primary business consists of selling a curated selection of adventurous outdoor footwear, clothing, accessories, and editorial content. This business caters to a specific segment of men who like the outdoors and the image of it, but do not necessarily require high-end performance clothing. Founded by Andy Forch and Richard Greiner originally in 2011, this company remains private with a bootstrapping philosophy for growth.

Upon meeting with co-founder Andy Forch, we discussed not only what his business does and what kind of market it caters to and why, but his determination to grow his company without the help of venture capital. It was very clear his philosophy was all about independence, and that his company was all about differentiation in an under-served market (hence the emphasis on men versus women’s clothing), even if men aren’t as trend-driven consumers. Having made a few acquisitions in footwear and even a surf brand, Andy talked about how Huckberry helps its customers express themselves through these different niche brands through the idea of personas, seasons, and activities.

Huckberry has stayed true to itself since the beginning, and that is the philosophy they will continue to stick with as they grow in the men’s fashion industry.

By Laura De La Cruz

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