Tuesday – Smile Identity

Authentication in emerging markets is being tackled by Mark Straub and his mission driven team. Mark Straub, a 2004 graduate of McIntire, is the founder and CEO of Smile Identity. Smile Identity is truly the company to keep an eye on. Straub and his team are working to make modern digital technology accessible in emerging markets. This company is using image recognition and machine learning to easily prove your identity for individuals across Africa.

Currently, the company supports identity systems in Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana. What makes Smile Identity unique is that this company is working to make software as a service regardless of IP address. In addition, this early stage, venture- backed company is working to make users easily identifiable through a two-step authentication process that can be integrated into any app. Smile Identity is excited to bring two- step authentication using face recognition into governments, banks, healthcare and ID verification systems across emerging markets in the world.

By Elizabeth Tikoyan

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