Wednesday – PwC

Thismorning we visited PwC where we were hosted by Senior Partner Tom Archer. After a nice breakfast together, he and his co-workers provided us with insight into how the business world is changing with technology. We learned about Risk Management in the digital age, how PwC works to help companies become more operationally efficient, and how recruiting and retaining talent is evolving with emerging technological progress. One of the coolest parts of the visit was when they showed us a Robotic Process Automation they had built to help clients perform routine tasks at an unbelievably faster pace. The bot that they created could accomplish in thirty minutes what previously took a team of accountants several days to complete. This automation not only saves companies time and money, but also helps them operate in real time as opposed to estimating numbers, as their data can be processed in a matter of minutes. This is just one simple example of how new technology (in this case UIpath) is completely changing the way that companies operate, and it underscores how important it is for students and employees to keep up with technology. It was an awesome start to our day, and an incredibly enriching experience.

By Frayser Wall

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