Wednesday – Zoom

On day three of our Digital Safari, we visited Zoom Video Communications in downtown San Jose. Zoom has recently become one of the leaders in video conferencing by going through rapid cycles of product innovation led by a brilliant founder, Eric Yuan. With a valuation above the $1 billion mark, Zoom is considered to be a unicorn in the world of startups, which symbolizes the special nature of their success. Be sure to keep an eye on this company as they are projected to go public any day now.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet Nicholas Kan, a collaboration specialist, and Mila Krivoruchko, a lead product manager. The two of them gave us valuable insight into the product management side of the company. One of the key things they discussed about creating a digital product was the importance of delivering an unparalleled user experience. In order to tackle this selling point, Zoom looks at what features customers are asking for and weighs the tradeoffs between using limited engineering resources on a project and the amount of value customers will extract from that new service.

Walking through their office and feeling the energy of the employees was an honor, and we are excited to see where our trip takes us next.

By Jason Archer

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