Thursday – Google

oday, the digital safari took us to Google, one of the major Silicon Valley success stories, where we met with Pedram Pejman, a McIntire 17 graduate. Pejman, a technical program manager, discussed with us his knowledge of machine learning, work in product management, and insight into future trends in technology. Pejman spoke on his experience with machine learning and some of its concepts, showing us how emerging technology can recognize patterns and perform functions with almost no direct instructions. From here, we talked about how to build a product from this field and measure its success. We spoke on the challenges of being a part of an emerging market, and how to create products with this market in mind. Lastly, Pejman offered us advice on entering the tech field, and a reading list!

We wrapped up with a campus tour and picture! Excited to see where our Digital Safari takes us next!

By Brendan Ackelson

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