Thursday – Instagram

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to meet with Susan Buckner Rose, Director of Business and Media Product Marketing at Instagram at the Menlo Park office of Instagram. Susan was able to walk us through some of the processes and inspirations behind certain features and implementations, as well as explain some of the core pillars of Instagram. Above all else, we left knowing that Instagram’s main focus and value proposition revolves around providing community and connection for its users

When we walked into the building, we were immediately greeted by bright, colorful LED screens that projected different Instagram accounts, as well as walls prominently displaying the Instagram logo. We were then offered refreshments from their open kitchen, which was jammed full of different snacks and drinks. The hospitality throughout the visit was truly remarkable.
After a brief overview of Instagram and its mission statement, we dove into some Q&A. Perhaps most interestingly, we learned that Instagram’s business model is highly adaptable based on industry trends and shifting company strategies. As such, it’s relatively easy to implement new features and ascertain their success.

All in all it was an incredible experience and we were extremely thankful for the opportunity!

By Rachel Clark

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