Friday – Rabbit


Today, the team visited a Series b start-up called Rabbit. Rabbit’s mission is to give people a way to watch anything with anyone. Users can watch shows and videos on platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and HBO in private online viewing rooms with just their friends; or, they can hop on a public stream with over 60 other viewers. Through organic growth alone, Rabbit already boasts over 4 million active monthly users. Its CEO, Amanda Richardson, is preparing to start another round of fundraising and is excited for new opportunities to monetize Rabbit’s services and expand its user base. She is a McIntire alumnus from the Class of 2001 and also received her MBA from Stanford University. Prior to Rabbit, she spent years working in various VP and executive roles at HotelTonight which was recently acquired by Airbnb.

Apart from Rabbit-specific conversations, Amanda also provided invaluable insight into what working in Silicon Valley as a woman and mother were like. As someone who has tried her hand in finance, product, and now entrepreneurship, her reflections were unsparingly candid. Frankly, Silicon Valley still teems of issues like gender inequality and ageism. However, Richardson urged that breaking through those ceilings is meaningful and worth it, despite the challenges. As our last visit to wrap up our Digital Safari adventure, there was no better ending than Richardson’s encouragement to keep adventuring forward.

By Joan Lee

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